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About EFCAN Advogados

Founded in 2008, the Firm had its origin from an association of lawyers with various specializations, all having extensive experience in large law firms and legal institutions.

Since its planning and conception, The Firm has been concerned with being ready and available to its clients for comprehensive, effective and personalized legal support in the main corporate legal advisory areas.

Areas of expertise

The Firm originates from an association of lawyers, from different specialties, all of them with extensive experience in large firms and related legal institutions.

Our aim is on practicing law through a business perspective, and a focus on results, maintaining a high standard of quality and excellence in providing legal services.

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Dedutibilidade dos royalties no setor de sementes

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Entrevista sobre a tributação de sementes

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Liminares do STF contra retenção do FUNRURAL

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Próximos passos da renegociação de dívidas rurais

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Nas empresas, crise funcionou como um teste de flexibilização do trabalho

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Pinheiro Neto, Linklaters y EFCAN en constitución de FIDC de PIMCO

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We could not be more grateful for the unrestricted and valuable support that the EFCAN office has offered and continues to offer us in our legal matters. Assertive, fast and extremely competent, your partnership is invaluable to Beecrowd.

for Juliana Muller, Chief Corporate and Legal Officer


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