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Civil and Comercial

Comprehensive assistance on civil and commercial issues, at advisory, pre-litigation and litigation instances. Consultations and plannings in general. Notifications and response to extrajudicial notices. Extrajudicial debt collection or debt negotiation. Representation in arbitrations. Ability to conduct legal actions in any location throughout Brazil. Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy: specialized professionals, practicing […]

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Real Estate

Comprehensive advisory on real estate issues, by professionals specialized in the subject, with technical knowledge of the procedures and specific legislation. Support in real estate purchase and sale transactions, including obtaining certificates, regularity assessments, risk assessments and guarantee recommendations. Analysis of related environmental aspects. Verification of alternatives related to zoning, […]

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Full legal support in the creation, revision and preparation of contracts, national and international, focused on the business and service areas in all types of commercial and civil contracts, combined with understanding the client’s business. Assistance and representation of national and international clients in all contractual stages, including preparing, reviewing, […]

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Life Science

Comprehensive advisory in sanitation matters, with operational experience of the daily routine of companies that compose the sector as well as focus on dealing with the National Sanitary Inspection Agency (ANVISA). Versatile and proactive advice in planning, implementing and performing activities in all segments of the regulated sectors, with special […]

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Comprehensive advisory on issues related to corporate matters. Consulting, guidance and planning of corporate transaction in general, in any form, including preparation and negotiation of the various applicable contracts and documents. Assistance in projects of acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs and incorporation of companies, transfer of assets and other forms of corporate […]

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Estate and Succession Planning

Integrated services with a multidisciplinary and personalized focus, according to the peculiarities of each concrete case, ensuring security and credibility in the work carried out with family businesses. Personalized legal assistance to family businesses for the completely structuring of their business aiming the estate organization and succession planning. Study and […]

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Industrial and Intellectual Property

Support in formatting software license and use agreements, deployment services, software update and maintenance services, source code escrow agreement, application development contracts, consulting and IT outsourcing agreements. Legal advisory services in legal matters related to electronic commerce (e-commerce). Consulting and planning in projects related to intellectual property rights. Counseling on […]

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Comprehensive assistance in labor matters, in the preventive, consultive and litigation instances. Labor planning, including labor routine audits. Preparation of legal opinions on Labor Law. Assessment of labor liabilities (known and potential) in corporate transactions. Collective bargaining negotiation. Management and full monitoring of labor claims, including through partnerships with accountants, […]

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Advisory to football clubs, athletes and agents in labor contract and licensing of image rights transactions. Support to clubs in reviewing, updating and consolidating bylaws. Assistance in advisory, pre-litigation and litigation levels in general, both at the administrative and judicial levels.

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Banking and Capital Markets

Legal advisory services in the analysis, planning and implementation of structured transactions , representing the interests of the company, financial institutions and the like, including derivative, investment and financing transactions, their respective guarantees and syndications, when applicable. In the agricultural segment, advisory services in structuring agribusiness securities, in particular Rural […]

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Advisory and consulting services on tax related matters, both in an advisory level as in litigation administrative and judicial claims at federal, state and municipal levels. Tax consultancy services for clients from various industrial, commercial, service and financial market segments, through proactive and dynamic counseling,as a safe and efficient tax […]

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Our main activities are related to support our clients to ensure that the company complies with all relevant laws, regulation, regulations, internal policies and external standards at all times and an ongoing basis. Draft of internal policies and code of ethics and conduct. Expertise in implementing and/or reviewing your compliance […]

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Representation and defense of companies in consumer relation issues. Preventive counseling: audit of procedures, recommendations on internal conduct and methods (product/commercial area), as well as customer service. Design, preparation and adoption of precautionary measures, such as factory calls, recalls and notifications in general, among others. Defense and representation in administrative […]

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Comprehensive support in Administrative Law, in any instance and sphere of Public Administration. Preparation and structuring of companies to participate in diverse bidding procedures. Advisory in each specific case, from tender publication up to the contracting and performance phases. Expertise in administrative and judicial proceedings, with the preparation of consultations, […]

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